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Solve My PhD Qualifying Examination on Quantum Computing

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I have decided to make my PhD qualifying examination public. And I’m happy to discuss solutions with those willing to work on this.

In many parts of the world, a PhD qualifying exam is a required step in a candidate’s doctoral journey. This assessment often involves solving a set of problems, and presenting a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter before a panel of experts, usually consisting of senior faculty members.

During my time at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, I developed a set of problems tailored for research students in the field of quantum information processing. There are many books and courses on quantum information processing, but my exam is different. This exam was taken by several PhD students as part of their qualifying requirements, and the feedback was positive.  Admittedly, these were research students in my own lab. They included:

  1. Ernesto Campos
  2. Dr Andrey Kardashin
  3. Dr Alexey Uvarov
  4. Dr Akshay Vishwanathan

Yet others from the Moscow region did take this exam and also reported that the experience was good. I decided to make this exam available online. I invite you to work on these problems.

As with all content on my homepage and the Deep Quantum Blog, I welcome your feedback. If you spot any errors, have insights to share, or need clarification on a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’re working on the problems and want to share your solutions, I’d be happy to review them.

Biamonte’s PhD Qualifying Examination on Quantum Computing: Link to Overleaf Document

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